What is a cast nets?

What is a cast nets?

Cast net or rall and also called esparavel is a net for the casting. Without a doubt it is an article to fish live bait, although it is also valid for the fishing of large fish and varied species since they are also usually fish for shellfish and cephalopods. In Pescarall! Almerored can find the widest range of cast nets, both in materials from monofilaments of 0.23mm to 0.53mm and multifilaments white, brown, green, etc ... We can find castors of two types or locking systems:

1- System of closing with ring and inner ropes when pulling the hand rope that closes completely from the circle or perimeter of the net and does not give away our bait or big fish.

Sistema de cierre con aro

2-The second system of closure of atarraya uses bags around the perimeter of the circle where the lead has the cast iron and the fish is trapped in the bag.

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For more information Contact and we will advise you on your purchase. Pescarall! Almerored specialized in cast nets, rallies or esparavel for the launch from coast or boat.

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