Cast net 1,50 meter (multifilament)


Cast nets Multifilament of 1.50 meters in diameter with thread thickness 210/6 and a mesh of 1 cm, white color

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Recommended product for all types of fish from live bait to large pieces (bream, tench, anchovy, sardines, sea bass, mujol, squid, sea bream, salsas, salemas and everything that this has your reach ...)

With this castor you can make precise sets for fishing live bait and big fish, multifilament material 210/6 White and a mesh of 1cm X 1cm.


Diameter 1.50 meters

Weight 1,750 kg approximate

Measurement of mesh 1cm x 1cm

Nylon multifilament material 210/6

White color

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Malla 10mm (1cm)