Cast net 1,5 metros diameter (1CM)


Cast nets Monofilament of 1.50 meters in diameter with thread thickness 0.30mm and a mesh of 1cm to catch live bait.


Recommended product for fishing live bait and large fish.

No doubt an accessory that can not miss in your fishing box whether you are a spining fisherman, surfcasting, fixed rod, fly fisherman, cork fishing, fishing from a boat, carp fishing, etc ...

With this ray you can fish all the species of sea, rivers and lakes that are within your reach.


Atarraya Monofilament 0.30mm

Diameter. 1.50 meters

Weight. 1,400 kg

Hole or Mesh 1cm X 1cm

Buy now monofilament castings 1.50 meters in diameter of the best quality now online.

Atarraya 305-A150

Data sheet

Malla 10mm (1cm)