• Cast nets resistance

Cast net 3,0 meters 0,53mm x (mesh 2,5cm)


Cast nets Monofilament 0.53mm and a mesh of 2.5cm. For fishing big fish.


Recommended product for fishing large fish such as pike, salmon, sea bass, barracudas, blask bass and other large sea fish, rivers and lakes.

Recommended casting model for large fish fishing due to its resistant material of 0.53 mm high resistance monofilament and a mesh or net hole of 2.5 cm X 2.5 cm.

Rope hand 8 meters approximate ...

Diameter 3.00 meters

Mesh 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm

Monofilament material 0.53mm

Weight 3,265 kg

Used for fishing large fish (pike, salmon, sea bass, etc ...

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Data sheet

Malla 25mm (2,5cm)