cast net 7 meters diameter
  • cast net 7 meters diameter
  • throwing fishing net 7 meter
  • net throw fishing shot 0.40mm

Cast net 7,00 meters 0,40mm x ( mesh 1,5cm)


Cast net High resistance monofilament 0.40mm and 1.5cm mesh eye. This is an all-terrain net. Used only by the most advanced fishermen in the casting of rallies or cast net.


It is a cast nets that certainly can not miss an advanced fisherman in the haul. With a diameter of 7.00 meters it can only be launched by the most experts in this modality. 1.5 cm mesh and a 0.40mm monofilament thread.

Rope hand 8 approximate meters

Diameter 7.00 meters

Mesh or frame 15 mm

Monofilament material 0.40mm

Weight 7,800 kilos

Used All terrain and only for the most advanced anglers in the set.

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